Random Quotes!

Tourist to me mere seconds before the start of the tour around the wildlife refuge:
“Are we going to see ocelots I almost bought one as a pet a year ago”
me “yes we will but be careful not to encourage the animal trade”
tourist “oh well they breed them with bengal cats so its ok”
me “true but they still need an ocelot to start”
tourist “so are we going to see one…”
me in my mine – Oh my this is going to be a long one!!!

True love is still the only dream I know
– John Denver “Seasons of the heart”

At a museum in Cusco:

A very stoned artist talking about his vision for recycling in Cusco, the display was mostly random pieces of paper with a doodle on it and in the center a pyramid type structure about 5ft tall made from natural bricks.

American Lady to artist “Did you make the bricks?”
Artist “no….. but man we built the pyramid!”
There was even a dramatic pause…

These were found in San Fran bookstore while waiting for pick up:

Middle Age
Too Old for a Paper Route
Too Young for Social Security
Too Tired for an Affair

One of the advantages of being disorderly
Is that one is constantly making exciting discoveries
– A A Milne

There is no love
Sincerer than the love of Food
– George Bernard Shaw

To the Young at Heart
Everything is Fun
– Charles Dickens


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    September 17, 2012 at 5:45 pm

    your blog is very nice very nice


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