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So this is me and my crazy plan!

This is me! And I am about to start an adventure of a lifetime, round the world and volunteering. Now most might think “well that’s great, go for a few months see the world, all young people should experience that before settling down”. However I am not your usual “young person”. I turned 33 yesterday and bought my ticket for the first leg this afternoon.

Now some might think this is an early mid-life crisis, but you would be mistaken. I have been thinking and dreaming of this for many years, but had to come to grips with not only the reasons for doing it but also the guilt of not doing what a responsible 30-something should be doing.

When the dream started a few years back it was me wanting to run away, not knowing where I fit in, not feeling American (I am an immigrant from South Africa) and yet not feeling part of my homeland either. Kind of a world citizen I guess one would say. Add to that, a feeling of guilt and pressure (most likely my own imagination) every time I left to go travel, or explore. I mean, I could have put a down payment on a house instead of riding an ostrich or sitting in Angkor Wat or dancing with the ladies of Lesotho… isn’t that what every responsible young adult is supposed to do??

But then I remind myself that all my travels and explorations have been done on my own dime and I have never been at want for anything. It’s also helpful having the folks as a backup and to crash at theirs on occasion. Am presently saving money living with the folks and working as a vet tech. They give me cheap rent and I do chores. I think that’s a fair trade and should not be something to be embarrassed about.

So here I am, just bought my ticket to Peru, trying to learn Spanish, figuring out what shots I need, and how to get visas, all well trying to stay sane enough to enjoy the process. I hope you will join me on my voyage of discovery, and help me prove that you don’t have to be 20-something to see the world!

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