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Trekkers Hostel Highlights: Traveler’s House – Portland, OR

In a quiet neighborhood in Portland you will find a quaint little house that will make you feel at home. Traveler’s House is a welcome sight for all weary travelers with a cozy atmosphere and down to earth feel. From the moment you walk in and are welcomed by the friendly staff to the moment you have to leave, you will feel at home.



The rooms are comfy and clean with all the amenities you may need. The kitchen is fully stocked and there is a tea and coffee available.

There is a wonderful backyard equipped with a fire pit and the opportunity to sit and socialize with fellow travelers.

Just watch out for acorns

They even have bubbles!!!

The common areas come with cushions and reading nooks, large windows where you can stare out and contemplate life.

Or you can sit and work on puzzles…

All in all an awesome hostel and one definitely worth looking into to. Important note, they only take bookings, no walk ins, so be sure to call or email if you wish to stay. Also, the vibe is laid back relaxed, since it is in a residential neighborhood there is no loud music or crazy parties, this is the hostel you come to when you need some relaxing down time!!

And the most important thing is…. it’s:

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A Weekend at Crater Lake, Oregon

The weekend I found out my fiance was a lying … insert expletive here… I had friends coming from California on their way to Washington. We had planned to go camping at Crater Lake. Thank heavens for them as I don’t think I would have made it through that weekend without those 2 girlfriends.

On Our Way

Falls Along the Way

Stunning Countryside to Drive Through

Snow in Mid June

For the uninformed, Crater Lake is one of the most beautiful locations in all of Oregon, and a must see for anyone:
Crater Lake is a caldera lake located in the south-central region of the U.S. state of Oregon. It is the main feature of Crater Lake National Park and famous for its deep blue color and water clarity. The lake partly fills a nearly 2,148-foot (655 m) deep caldera[1] that was formed around 7,700 (± 150) years ago[2] by the collapse of the volcano Mount Mazama. There are no rivers flowing into or out of the lake; the evaporation is compensated for by rain and snowfall at a rate such that the total amount of water is replaced every 250 years.
It is located in Klamath County, approximately 60 miles (97 km) northwest of the county seat of Klamath Falls, and about 80 miles (130 km) northeast of the city of Medford.[9]
Thanks to Wikipedia

The Beauty of the Lake Makes One Contemplative

Easy to See Why it is One of my Favorite Places

Camping At Diamond Lake

One of the best spots to camp while visiting Crater Lake is Diamond Lake, about a 20min drive away and almost as stunning. Just watch out for those giant, man eating mosquitoes, they are brutal.

Diamond Lake

Alex was a Little Obsessive Compulsive with Sorting the Wood Piles

Our Friendly Live In

A Watched Cooking Fire…..

Campfire Popcorn, I Buy it just to Watch it!

Diamond Lake at Sunset

Saving a Life

On our last day we decided to drive round the rim of the crater to where the snow line would cut us off. We very nearly had decided to head back but a last minute decision ended up being an important one.

As we came around a blind corner we saw bicycle lying along the middle line and someone on their side lying across our lane. I stopped the car and for what seemed an eternity just stared… Then the adrenalin started pumping and all those first aid, advanced wilderness first aid, CPR and such classes came rushing back.

While I checked on the injured woman, about 60yrs old, Alex called 911 and her sister slowed traffic. The woman was unconscious and unresponsive, she was bleeding from her nose and mouth and I could hear it gurgling, so I dared not turn her on her back, afraid she may aspirate the blood into her lungs.

As I was doing my preliminary sweep of injuries another woman came running up to help. Just then our patient became semi conscious and tried to move, it took both of us to keep her from moving. Eventually we had no choice as she was in pain and, controlling her head because of possible neck/spine injury, we let her roll onto her back. She was verbally responsive (V on the AVPU scale) but still had no idea who or where or what. A few others came to help, some holding a blanket to block the sun, some giving a pillow in case she needed it for her head, another bringing the car medical kit so I could treat some of the more superficial wounds. Often a person will freak out at the superficial and it makes it difficult to asses the more serious ones. I cleaned and bandaged some abbrasions on her knees and some more serious ones on her fingertips of her right hand.

Just then a van pulled up and we realised it was her husband. He came running over and we were able to ascertain more information. I asked permission to check for bleeding or blood pooling under her short and they said yes. I didn’t see any visible signs but she seemed to be in a lot of pain on her left side.

Right then the first EMT arrived, he looked like he was barely out of EMT school… you almost wanted to pinch his cheek. I gave him the run down and he looked at me hopefully saying “are you an EMT?”. I explained that I had first aid training. Explaining that I didn’t want to move her because I was worried about spinal injury and didn’t have a neck brace, he excitedly pulled one out and gave it to me. I hate these things as there are so many different kinds and none of them ever seem to be the one we train on. But we got it on and I moved to control her head for the rest of the time. The EMT, still looking a little lost, took my que to take her blood pressure and check her vitals.

Just then MR. EMT arrived. You could tell this guy had been in the emergency services all his life, with his strong physique and chiseled jaw, I almost expected him to strike a pose and have a cape flying behind him. Both the baby EMT and I gave him a run down of events. He came over to me and asked if I was an EMT… maybe there is a thought there… I said no but had first aid training. He asked if I was comfortable holding her head for the remainder and I said yes.

From the time we found her to the time she was taken away in the ambulance it was almost an hour. It felt strangely exhilarating to be involved and to be the first responder there to help. I always wondered if my training would ever come in handy.

We were all pumped up leaving Crater Lake and stopped at a diner so I could get a soda as I suddenly felt very parched. It proved to me that no matter what I had gone through or would go through with my now ex… I was way stronger than that!

2 weeks later the lady and her husband called, she still had no memory of the event but wanted to thank me. Her injuries included:
A fractured left orbital
2 fractured vertebrae in the neck
1 fractured vertebrae mid back
left fractured collar bone

I was glad we were there to help!


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San Fran/Eugene/LA – Day 105-112 – Easter Surprises!

April 21st – 28th 2011

San Fran
My friend, Rachel, had to work during the day so I decided to unpack, do laundry, download photos and work on my blog. I also had the chance to go for brunch with a friend I had met in Spain. It’s always great catching up with folks you meet on your travels.

Around lunch time I decided to pop out for some food and opted for something from Safeways. I got about 5 steps in and then froze… artificial lighting, elevator music and so much food and choice… my brain could not fathom the choices. I finally decided on cheesy bread, salami and cheese. The deli lady was from El Salvadore and we chatted a bit in Spanish. Am really missing that aspect of traveling in a non-English speaking country, I truly love the challenge of communication.

The rest of the day was spent trying to sort out the nuclear bomb that appeared to have hit my bag and figure out how to get everything into one bag so that I could get it all to Eugene the next day. After some sorting and deciding and tossing out I finally managed it.
You know you are a backpacker when you can fit a closet into a bag!

I had decided to surprise my parents for easter and had managed to find some reasonably priced tickets. Keeping secrets from my mom has always been nigh impossible for me (my brother and father stopped telling me what gifts they bought her when I was 5 as I kept giving it away). But somehow I managed to keep this one under my belt and it was so worth it. My friend Sarah, picked me up from the airport, we stopped in at a store and picked up some blue bunny ears and a bunch of flowers and headed to the folks. The story was that Sarah was going to stop by and drop off something I had left in her drawer at work, this way ensuring at least one of the folks would be home.

Sarah walked up while I hid behind a hedge. Dad opened the door and the conversation went like this:
Dad: hey Sarah, how are you?
Mom: hi there Sarah
Sarah: I am good, this is what I found in my drawer
Kathy: Surprise!!
Mom: What are you doing here?
Kathy: Surprise!
Dad: yes, but what are you doing here? You are supposed to be in SF or somewhere!
Kathy: oh for pete’s sake folks don’t I get a hug!

Got to love leaving your folks essentially speechless and shell shocked! Of course that didn’t mean they would run out to get me the steak I had been craving, mainly because they had just had some for lunch.

Easter Egg Hunt
Saturday I made a store run to pick up candy and plastic easter eggs. Today my best mate, Darcie, was bringing her 2 and a half (one still incubating) kids for lunch and an easter egg hunt. Dad and I stuffed the eggs, he decided some of them should be stuffed with Bob the squirrel’s peanuts (and people wonder why I have a warped sense of life with a father like that).

Side note ~ we have a wild squirrel, dubbed Bob by my mum, who comes and literally knocks at the glass sliding door until we give him a peanut, recently he demands 2.

It was a great day with 2 beautiful girls running around trying to find the eggs and then being very good and making sure each one had the same number and not eating the candy until after lent. Then we had a fantastic steak lunch (mmmmm steak), but all good visits come to an end and it was soon time for them to head home. Its crazy to think the next time I see them there will be 3 little ones.

On the Road Again
After Easter Sunday brunch at friends, repacking and sorting my bag again, it was time to head out again. So often when you are on the road all you want is a weekend at home to recoup but it never seems possible. It was great being able to make that wish a reality, especially as it could be over 7months before Iget to see the folks again.

Living it Large in LA
My next stop was a few days with a friend in LA. I had worked with Alex at the Woodland Park Zoo and when a cheap ticket to Sydney popped up on my radar it was the perfect opportunity to catch up. Since Alex had to teach a bio lab the first day I sat in a local coffee shop and worked on blog entries. Then we went and explored some of the area around Cloverfield (the suburb she lived in). Day 2 we met up with a good friend of hers deep in the LA jungle, went for a pedicure and then headed along the coast.

A stop for some amazing seafood and then a quick break on the beach. The water was beautiful, the beach was stunning… Except for the highway behind us and the freezing temps of the ocean, it was perfect.

My last day in LA was spent relaxing, we went for a long walk to the store and then had nap time and finally finished packing. The flight to Sydney left at midnight, I hate midnight flights as I always have trouble sleeping on planes, and little did I know what this trip was going to entail.

Stay tuned for another full day of travel, this time by plane…

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