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Manukau – Days 176 and 177

30th July and 31st July 2011

Old Friends

Today I went to meet up with an old primary school friend who I had not seen since Std. 7
(9th grade), which makes it over 18yrs. The best memory I have of Megan is when I went
horseriding with her. It was my first horse ride and was sitting behind her on her horse.
Unfortunately I did not realise that she was very tender in the flanks and so when, not
knowing where to put my legs, I slid them up near her hips. I promptly found myself on the
ground unable to breathe. I then remember Megan’s dad leaning over me and telling me to

Having the wind knocked out of you at about 13 is quite frightening! But it never stopped
me from getting on a horse again.

During our reunion we were discussing memories from school, old friends, teachers, the
time our class almost got sent home from a camping trip for behaviour (but as chief
teachers pet I pleaded our case and we were allowed to stay). Then I recalled the memory
of our assignment to create a food invention, one girl created “bubblegum in jelly/jello”.
She kindly gave me a piece of “bubblegum”… only to discover that it was actually a tiny
chilli. I ran out of the class ignoring the teacher and drank most of the water in the
bathroom. Megan laughed and said “oh yes, that was me”. Got to love your friends.

After wandering around the shopping center and talking for a while we parted ways and I
managed to hop on the bus home. I had the afternoon to myself and got some work done.

Sunday markets

Kirsten and I headed out Sunday morning to the farmers market and what a market it was.
Amazing fresh produce, yummy venison hot dogs, delicious coffee and much much more. There
was a company selling buffalo meat and they had biltong, but it didn’t have much flavour
so I decided to save my money.

It was a great morning and in the afternoon we took Harvey for a walk in the forest
behind the house. A great day! Got my bags all packed and set my alarm for bloody early
in the morning!

Tomorrow off to Tonga!

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