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Rain, Music and Joints!

Monsoon and Mosquitoes

Been on the island for 10 days now and it looks like the threat of the monsoon has arrived. It has rained solid since 1am, non stop torrential downpour. At this rate I may have to store my scuba gear at home so I can get to the shop. 

The dive was cancelled due to weather so was forced to spend the day sorting, cleaning lying in the hammock and killing mozzys. If there is one thing I hate it’s the mosquitoes here. They are honestly the ninjas of the mosquitoe kingdom, silent and deadly and often you don’t even realise you have been bitten till they are long gone. Add to that the constant threat of Dengue fever and one becomes very addicted to mozzy lotion and coils to keep them at bay. This afternoon I found myself in long pants, sweatshirt with hood and socks wrapped up in the hammock in 30C temperatures… but at least they couldn’t get me!

Turns out Ricardo didn’t have dengue, it was the infection from a mosquito bite that had hit his bloodstream, however,instructor Andy, German, does have Dengue and could be out of commission for up to 3weeks depending on how serious it is.  There is no treatment for Dengue but there is an expensive test. Go Figure!

Band Practice

By 4pm of torrential downpour I was verging on bungalow fever! I texted Ricardo and he said we would meet for band practice at one of his friends’ houses. So at 6pm he came over and gave me a ride since my driving skills are no better than a toddlers’, although here I have almost been run off the road by Thai 5yr olds on dirt bikes. 

Ricardo plays guitar and vocals in a band with his friend Alessandra (from his home in Chile), vocals, and Nolan, an American on guitar and vocals. They are really good and it was great fun relaxing and watching them practice.



Nolan and Ale Practicing

After a few hours of band practice, we all hopped on bikes and headed to one of my favorite places, Omega Bar. Run by Jenny, the Italian Chef who also runs Cucina Italiana, the Italian restaurant, another of my favorite places. Omega is the perfect chill out place and is only open on Wednesdays. We all lounge around on pillows and watch as anyone and everyone is encouraged to sing or play or just participate in the music. There is also a number of “relaxing” cigarettes floating around 😉 .



Welcome To The Neighborhood – Thai Style

A few days later I was walking to look for the bungalow cats and happen to meet 2 of my French neighbors and the Brazilian neighbor. They invited me over for welcome beer and joint… yup the special kind of cigarette. Politely turning down the joint I was happy to share in a beer, and chat to my fairly stoned neighbors. A great welcome!



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