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Training to Tacoma

Amtrak Cascades 507

Since moving to the Pacific Northwest I have come to love the little Cascades 507 train, run by Amtrak. Living up in Seattle I would often take it home to Eugene and then return to Seattle. On occasion I have taken the Starlight, the fancy, double decker, long haul train that goes all the way down to California and back up the coast. But ultimately always return to my little Cascades.

On this occasion I am taking it as far as Tacoma, WA, where I will crash with a friend and then head to the airport tomorrow afternoon for the red eye flight to Amsterdam, and on to Bergen, Norway, more details on that later.

Fellow Passengers

I believe I can honestly say that I have never had an unpleasant ride due to passengers. There was the time where a freight train blocked us within sight of the Seattle Station and then the air went out of the brakes and our on time arrival turned into over an hour late…. and I repeat, within sight of the terminal. Luckily the amusing conductor kept us entertained over the intercom and prevented an all out mutiny.

But, passengers, nothing really comes to mind. This time however, it is a soap opera in my car. There is the teen mom arguing with her mom over what the babbling 1yr old wants. The conversation went something like this in the beginning:
“Gagaga googoo”
“Yes you tell Grandma, you know it’s funny you are a grandma and you are only 30”
“Well you made me that”
“Well excuse me, Iam sorry, wait no I am not”
And so on and so on, rather amusing and the kid is awfully cute and friendly.

Then I thad the older gentleman get a phone call, and decided to have a very loud conversation, competing with the 2 frat boys discussing return to Uni, with his friend about how to light a webber, what charcoal to use and the best way to bbq tomatoes… I now know that roma tomatoes are the best, because they don’t loose their juice as much….. good to know!

Off to the Bistro Car

After attempting to sleep, read and nibble on snacks, I decided to take my leave of the soap opera in car 6 and head to the bistro for good ‘ol cup of tea. Usually I bring tea with me and just get hot water, but today I had to pay $2. He heard my accent and asked if I wanted English Breakfast…. kind of amusing! Only once have I encountered a sour bistro attendant who gave me the evil eye every time I asked for hot water, in most cases they bistro guys are the most fun to talk to. Today, we got the slightly surly gentleman, think it might have been safer that I bought the tea, otherwise he might not have given me hot water…..

But I do like the Bistro car and the dining car to sit and relax, not as stuffy as the seated cars, and you get to listen to amusing discussions between the conductors…..

Where is the Final Destination?

For the first time since my 2mth trip in Thailand, to complete my Divemaster and mend a shattered heart, I am going abroad for vacation. There is no cruise line involved, there are no guests I have to be polite to, it is a real international vacation….. and only for 2 weeks, am not sure I have ever gone abroad for that short a time. Some might scorn me for saying this when they barely have time to leave for a weekend, but luckily, I have been blessed, in an ironic twist, to have been hired in a job where travel is part of it and the breaks in between contracts are long enough to do crazy things, like meet up with a friend and go camping north of the arctic circle.

Yup, you heard me, my Belgian friend (Who I met on the ship) and is tourguiding in Norway, it meeting up with me and we are heading to the Lofoten Islands to go camping, in September, north of the arctic circle…. YES!

No more to say!
PS I know I am still behind on ship posts but more will come as time goes by…. I have a never ending supply of tales from their.

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