Bucket List # 21 – THE ROCK OF GIBRALTAR

05 Apr

I am not sure why exactly but the “Rock of Gibraltar” is a place I have always wanted to go. Maybe it was growing up listening to all the war movies my dad loved, or reading about it in History class. It sounded like an important place, a place that I wanted to see.

I had two chances a couple of years ago when my cruise ship stopped there, unfortunately the one day it was pouring with rain and the next time I was working. I must admit through the rain that first time I wasn’t overly impressed with “The Rock”, not sure what I expected but it looked a little small… so after my ship left it for the last time I figured that was the end of a dream… until a few months ago when, during our crossing from Northern Europe to the Med, we stopped there and I was given permission to go on excursion… Elated is an understatement, something that confused more than one of my coworkers… Who cares I was getting to go to “The Rock” and knock off another bucket list item.

Since the ship arrived at 7am we were all up at the crack of dawn, or rather before the crack. I had asked to join the early morning German groups for a couple of reasons, but that meant B.F. early…. it also meant I got out of doing the morning disembarkation duties, so I was ok with that.

Earlier than Sparrows Fart

Earlier than Sparrows Fart

The residents of Gibraltar were very welcoming…. ALL the residents…

Morning greetings

Morning greetings

We did a bit of a tour of the island, visiting different sites and seeing a view of the Straits of Gibraltar and it’s shipping routes.

early morning at the Straits of Gibraltar

early morning at the Straits of Gibraltar

early morning at the Straits of Gibraltar

early morning at the Straits of Gibraltar

local Mosque
There is an interesting mix of nationalities and cultures that coexist in Gibraltar and they all seem to get along wonderfully, here is the local mosque.

Finally it was time to go up the rock!!! A fairly intense cable car ride took us straight up and lucky for us the weather was just starting to move in so we were welcomed with the most amazing views and an interesting meteorological lesson.

Top of the Rock with MSC Opera in the background

Top of the Rock with MSC Opera in the background

Didn't take long for an interesting cloud bank to make it's appearance

Didn’t take long for an interesting cloud bank to make it’s appearance

Of course the highlight of any Gibraltar adventure has to be the apes (macaques), there has been a troop here for decades ever since an army officer was forced to choose between his pet and his wife… or so the legend goes.

Just sitting around

Just remember these are wild animals and they are very adept at getting what they want, especially food, so never have food visible or open plastic bags, watch your sunglasses your hats and anything else they might find amusing…

But they are still awfully cute, especially when you find the nursery….
mom on duty




In the end we should just relax and enjoy the view…




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2 responses to “Bucket List # 21 – THE ROCK OF GIBRALTAR

  1. Nad CMartins

    April 4, 2018 at 10:01 am

    Hello! Great blog, congratulations! I just came from “Working in a cruise” interview and I was wondering…is there a way of knowing if my english is enough to work on a cruise? Thanks!

    • trailingtrekker

      April 7, 2018 at 6:55 am

      Hi there
      Thank you for enjoying my blog, I am a bit behind but plan to play catch up soon. If you are able to read and understand English easily and have a conversation then you should be fine. I worked on an Italian cruise line and a lot of crew had minimal English, but if you can at least have a conversation that can be understood you should be fine. If you wrote this message without help of a translator then you are definitely doing well. Good luck.


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