In Search of the Northern Lights

29 Oct

Searching the Lofotens

During our 7 days in the Lofoten Islands we hoped to see the Northern lights. The season was good, the numbers were often in our favor, however the clouds were against us. We spent many nights popping our head out of the tent looking to see if the Aurora Borealis had made their appearance.

Every fellow camper we met told us fantastical tales of how they had seen the lights the day before we got there or sent us messages about how they appeared in sheer brilliance the day after we left. Murphy’s Law was at it’s best.

During our one true clear night we were camping just north of Å, in the tiny town of Moskenes, the weather was promising clear skies and beautiful moon. On occasion the moon could be so bright that it disrupted the color of the lights, but we hoped this would not be the case. We set up camp and I started dinner. Yves had decided we would make a campfire at any cost and had found a tiny little firepit to build it in. Returning to big up some utensils I noticed 2 Germans had been drawn to the flame. As I headed back to the kitchen I noticed 2 more heading that way. By the time I returned with 2 steaming plates of pasta cabonara (containing the rare treat of real bacon) I was met by a group of now 6 Germans all string at us while we ate. A little disconcerting to begin with. But pretty soon everyone had their own meal and we were sharing cookies and chips and tales. The moon was spectacular and we entertained ourselves with a few snapshots…




By 1am most of us were tuckered out, a few promised to raise the alarm if the lights made an appearance. However, in the morning we got the news that by 3am there was still nothing and everyone had headed to bed. Perhaps when we returned to Voss we would have better luck.

The Germans claimed the fire pit as they were staying longer and we joked about how likely it was that lights would appear in ernest that night since we were leaving.

Return to Voss

Two more nights in the Lofoten’s proved fruitless in our hope for the elusive Aurora Borealis. So we headed to Voss with news that the numbers were at their highest and the lights should be visible as far South as Belgium and beyond. We all piled into cars, drove up very dark windy streets to a hill overlooking the town and waited. We had a professional photographer with us who knew just what to look for. He also helped me with my settings. And then we saw them, at least we thought we did, there was a peculiar green haze over the city, almost as if they were there, just out of reach, trying to break through, teasing us with every minute that ticked by.

Using the settings I was shown I was able to capture the lights dancing above the city, but just barely.


We then had fun posing in front of these imaginary lights that only our camera could pick up



And even ended up in the news

I guess after 2 weeks of searching we kind of saw the lights, or at least we have photos to prove it!

A few days after returning home I received this photo from one of the German couples, it was taken the night we left, go figure!



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2 responses to “In Search of the Northern Lights

  1. Kacie

    November 12, 2014 at 6:31 pm

    Hi Kathy!

    My Aunt (Nancy) and her husband Ed met you on their cruise over Christmas 2013. I know you most likely don’t remember them, but they said that they discussed with you your job etc. As I was a former Youth Activities counselor on a cruise line; I am now looking for new and different opportunities. I was curious if you could tell me more about the cruise line work for. As I did a few contracts, the only ports I was able to was the Islands of the Bahamas. As you can see not that much traveling. What are your ports? How is crew life? What are the departments you have on board? Is it easy to move up in departments etc? So, thank you for your time, and going through with reading this random message! I really appreciate it. Hope to hear from you soon! (email listed below)


    • trailingtrekker

      November 15, 2014 at 12:10 pm

      Hi KC
      I sent you an email, I am happy to chat with you about shiplife.


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