Welcome to the Dark Side..

22 Sep

Mac Experiences

For my entire computing life I have been a firm PC kind of girl. The only time I have ever used a mac was in University, ok that is getting pretty close to when dinosaurs ruled the earth, but hey…

I needed to print a paper, the only computer available in the library was the dreaded MAC… I ended up spending more time trying to get the damn thing to sync and print than it did to write the entire paper. Since then I have vehemently avoided the Dark Side that is Mac computers, no matter how many good reviews I heard. I figured it was like most things, a fad, I mean everything was i-this and i-that and Mac didn’t like to play with PC very well.

Old Yeller

But finally my wonderful little 10″ Gateway netbook, that had stood by me through thick and thin, over 8 countries in 1 yr, survived growing mold in the Amazon (yup everything gets mold there), survived my oh so not gentle handling of it and even 2 contracts on a cruise ship, a total of 4 and a half years of faithful service, started slowing down. In fact I am pretty certain the little hamster pilot that runs it is now deaf, blind and has gout.

To Mac or Not to Mac….

So now came the difficult choice of looking for a replacement. I had bought a samsung tablet in the vain hope that it could live up to my faithful netbook. But, while it is fantastic in most things, it just doesn’t match up in things like writing articles and blog work (the operator might have some minor influence in that arena – she is not overly tech savvy).

There are so many different versions of PC computers out there with different hard drives and operating systems, and memory… all very befuddling to me. Then came the not so subtle hints from friends and family to move from the light into the trendy Dark Side of Macbooks and ipads. Arguments such as:
* You don’t need anti virus
* It is super stable
* Easy to use
* If my parents can do it so can you
And so many more. Finally some of my friends convinced me to at least look, I agreed as long as they came along and translated all the technical jargon for me, I don’t speak techy.

The Verdict Is????

We visited Best Buy, the Mac Shop and back to Best Buy. By the time the day was up I was walking out with a brand new (open box) macbook air 11.6″. She is so pretty and silver. We got a huge discount because my friend asked about an Open Box, this is when someone buys one and then brings it back for some reason. These computers are thoroughly checked out and cleaned of all data and then up for sale at a discount. Be sure that you check the warranty as some of them have lost some time since the warranty starts the day it is bought. Luckily for me my warranty is the full length.

So far, I must admit I am enjoying it, I may just decide to stay on the dark side, it appears I have a number of friends over here!

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