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The Floating Bar…Need I Say More


Urs was set to leave today so we met at his place for breakfast. Love friends with extra tickets for a full on brekky!!! As I was about to jump on the bike I noticed that rain was threatening but figured I had time to get round the corner. The heavens literally opened as I pulled up and I just made it to his porch before the cats and dogs started falling. We were just about to make a run for it when I realised, in my haste, I had parked the bike under a coconut palm, as I don’t believe my $80 a month rental covered coconut damage I moved it while Urs ran for the cover of the restaurant. As we sat down he made the a rather brilliant statement, “I should have worn my dirty clothes now I have nothing clean or try”, well maybe not that brilliant. Of course, working against us but with Murphy’s Law, the clouds parted and the sun started shining a full 10 minutes after sitting down. Go figure! After another splendid breakfast we said cheers and hoped to meet again, perhaps with the rest of the Borneo Fearsome Foursome, at some other fantastic dive location.

Skill Frustrations

Heading to the dive shop I marveled at just how much it had rained in such a short time. Today I was going to be joining Carol and her instructor, Andy, in the pool to go over the 24 skills we were required to learn at demonstration quality. These included:
-Preparing gear
-Buddy Check
-Giant Stride Entry
-Clearing Mask
-Regulator Recovery
and many more. These may seem easy, especially since they are skills we do on almost every dive. However, right there is the conundrum, they are skills that have become second nature to us and therefore we do not have to think when we do them. Add thinking into the mix, slow it down to demonstration quality and instantly your brain goes blank… I swear you could do a scientific study on this event. Andy wanted us just to do the skills as if he was the student, but for some reason I couldn’t wrap my head around it. My crowning moment was when I did the regulator/snorkel exchange at the surface… with my head out of the water, which is bloody useless really. We only got half way through before we were all rather frustrated.

Another Farewell, But This Time With a Floating Bar

I felt the frustration for most of the afternoon and it was only a good friend to chat to and some AMAZING food at my little local Thai place that I started feeling more myself. Ricardo’s girlfriend, Sara, was returning to Spain so we planned a huge farewell. This involved whiskey and coke, beer and snacks at Alessandra’s house. During the frustrated time period I had texted Ricardo in reply to his, “we are getting whiskey and coke” with “I could use a shot of whiskey straight, it’s one of those days!”. Ricardo, ever eager to make me happy and ensure that my divemaster training be a learning experience, waited a couple of whiskey and cokes into the evening before pouring me a shot straight. He then announced that I would Swear Allegiance to the Whale Sharks, which promptly sent me into a giggle and snorting fit, making my pledge rather garbled, I managed to stop just long enough to down the shot… Ahhh good friends, they never fail you when you need them!

We had, while still fully in control of our capacities (ie sober), called a taxi to pick us up and take us to Baan Tai and the legendary Floating Bar. What a night it was. Lots of dancing and laughing and amusement at drunk folks, I was able to get all my frustrations out and just let my hair down, in a matter of speaking. The best moment of the night was when some particularly good music came on and all of us were jumping up and down yelling “Let’s sink the F*$#ing bar”, this caused the whole bar to move ever so slightly… all in good fun. We also decided the motto of the bar should be “It’s not you it’s just the bar”.

We made it out there at 4am but had to stop at the Food Factory to pick up the required fries, burgers and coke that every early morning partiers need to sustain them on the ride home. I crawled into bed at 5am and got to watch the sunrise as I fell asleep.

Day After

I woke up briefly at 7.30am and considered going on the dive boat. This always happens you wake up still drunk, feeling fantastic and then do something that makes returning to bed exceptionally difficult. Luckily I was not that drunk, as I had essentially stopped drinking by 11pm the night before. A hangover is not my favorite part of a party. The main reason I considered going on the boat was because one of the other DiveMaster Trainees had reached his 100th dive. And in true diver style, this meant it had to be taken in the buff, except for the scuba equipment of course. For a boy this is fine, heck you guys find any excuse to take it all and wiggle what you can. Girls however, tend to have a few more areas that need coverage, but I guess we also don’t have something that dangles in the water. I was around dive number 75 and it was looking like there was a high possibility of reaching 100 before leaving.

While I decided not to make it on the boat, I did send a good luck message (to which Michael replied “don’t worry there won’t be anything to see, I am hung like a chipmunk”. An unwanted phrase that is now burned into my memory for infinity), and got to see the rather amusing pics after.

Got to love the tan lines!

Got to love the tan lines!

100th 2
Please note that I asked specific permission to use these pics, which was freely given and even encouraged!

I managed to get up around 9am and do some writing and cleaning and last until bed called at 2pm. Managed to rise for dinner, chicken lemongrass salad at the place opposite 7-11 and then home and sleep by 7pm. What a night that was!


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