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Hot Stones = Heaven

23rd November 2011

Seeking Divine Advice

Another late morning meant a lunch time meeting. This time Buddha suggested a rather rich fried cheese with cashews in a sauce and roti. Delicious but super super rich.

Yogi, Hotel Silver Home’s owner, had decided he wanted to get the advice of a fortune teller and so we all set off in a rickshaw. However, since the rickshaw is made for 2 people it meant Buddha sat on our laps, it was all rather amusing and I was tempted to ask why he was on top… but they had been gentlemen and helped me into the rickshaw first…

The rickshaw ride didn’t last long as it turned out the fortune teller had moved out of the area and so we planned to switch to a cab. But first we popped into a curtain shop. Yogi is planning on redoing a lot of the out of date furnishings. He of course straight for the really impractical style, one that would show the dirt, had threads that would pull easily etc.. I pointed these out, sometimes women are just better at these things. He got the idea and started leaning towards a more practical design. But we will see what eventually gets chosen in a few weeks

Then into the cab, it drove us out to the middle of nowhere. Walking between half built houses with no idea how the guys seemed to know where they were heading. We entered a building, went up the stairs and discovered a hundred shoes littered outside a single door. This must be the place!!

Unfortunately, there would also be a longgggggg wait. Yogi decided to come by another time. And we wandered out towards the main road to find our way home. I was still feeling rather under the weather and Buddha, seeing that, said I should go for a massage.

Hot Stones!!!!

Back in the Thamel area, Buddha drove me to the same place where we had sat in the sauna, and proceeded to negotiate a good price for me to have a hot stone massage. I got an hour for $22. Then, to the amusement of the staff, announced that I was ticklish.

Within a short time, I found myself naked and wrapped in a towel lying face down on a table. The room was L-shaped and lying there I heard a voice that was decidedly male. The other masseuse was a guy and was giving the woman perpendicular to me, an ayuvedic massage. It sounded painful.

At first I felt a little unnerved with a guy working on someone else just a few feet away from my fancy… but the minute the hot stones started their magic, I didn’t give a damn! My masseuse was a sweet girl and she was amazing.

The combination of calming music, heated massage oil, hot stones and someone working all the kinks out from toe to head… is about as close to heaven as a traveler can get. After getting a good once over, I stumbled to the sauna and sat there for a bit. I was on the verge of slipping into unconsciousness and called, as instructed, for Buddha to pick me up. Unfortunately they were still busy and so I wandered back home through the streets, picked up a few cards, bought a bag and made some notes.


Yogi had seemed a little out of sorts that whole day. It turned out that a guest had taken the wrong key and had “stolen” something from one of the other guests. But there was no way to prove any of it, only an irrate guest claiming an ipod was missing. He insisted on being reimbursed. It did not make it a good day for Yogi.

It also explained why a staff member nearly gave me a heart attack at midnight by banging on my door. In his panic to find the guest who had the wrong key he got the door number wrong and hammered on mine instead. Oops…

For obvious reasons Yogi didn’t feel like being social and Raj had business so Buddha and I had dinner in a little place round the corner. We ate chowmein, fried buffalo momos, chicken noodle soup and 2 friend eggs. There was so much food we could barely finish it.

Massage, good friend, good food… good day

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