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Sipidan Diving cont…

The next two days I succeeded in getting Sipidan permits as well. This was great as in it is a stunning dive site. But bad as it meant 5.30am wake ups every morning and I would have loved to have at least 1 day exploring Mabul or one of the other islands. Then again as soon as you were in the water, it was all worth it.

I won’t bore you with too much typing, instead here is a photo collage of some of our best shots:
(to truly get the idea check out one of my dive buddies photo site – These are amazing shots!)

Where's Nemo??

Swimming with turtles

School of Jackfish

peekaboo lobster

White Tip Shark

Every dive I would concentrate really hard on remembering characteristics of each fish, but no matter how hard I tried I was always stumped when it came to ID.

Orange Fishy

Blue and Yellow fishy

Goby type... I think

Lionfish variety

Eels, eels glorious eels:

Blue eel

Moray eel

Then there are the things many folks overlook:

Giant clam

Nudibranch 1

Nudibranch 2

But diving isn’t complete without a buddy or 3 beside you:



Dave and Kathy

Urs, Dave, Kathy and Martin (The Fearsome Foursome) - photo courtesy of Matt Krumins

However, there always has to be one sight that will be burned into your retinas for ever and ever. The kind of sight that no matter how you want to look away, you simply can’t. This is what I witnessed upon surfacing after a dive… kudos for being proud – May I present: Russian Mr. Bean

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