Update: Looney Farmer!

04 Dec

A couple of months ago I received the following email in response to my blog “The Looney Farm”, I thought you might all get a kick out of it!

Kath you are going to laugh when you read this. I was on rsvp a couple of months ago and “met” a guy named Ross from Boorowa who said he lived on a gorgeous vineyard and was very, very close to his brother and his family. I have only ever emailed him through rsvp and was brave enough to give my mobile number out but now regret it. The bad feelings that started building up led me to Google “Ross from Boorowa” and it brought me straight to your blog! Even though what I was reading was setting off more alarm bells simply because it resonated with the feelings I had about this guy (who has been so pushy about meeting and whose story keeps changing – first he lives in Boorowa, then he lives in Cowra which just happens to be closer to where I live – thank God he doesn’t know my last name – then suddenly he “has” to go through my town for business so “let’s meet” and so it carried on for days and days, always with a slightly different angle and with conflicting stories or out and out lies – I too thought his Marketing years made him a “charmer”, for want of a better term, and I am so glad I could see through that enough to keep saying no to meeting him). Anyway, that was awhile ago and I stopped returning his texts and kept ignoring his calls. Then his texts began again just recently starting with a highly inappropriate one which I replied to stating that he sounded drunk and I think it best we not correspond anymore. Anyway, like I said, the bad feelings about this guy were so persistent it led me to try and Google him to see what I could find. I really didn’t expect to find anything!! And even though I KNEW it was the same Ross before I saw the photo (you know the one as it’s the only one on here of him), I just felt sick because everything you described about this guy was what was worrying me from the limited contact we had had! I have definitely dodged a bullet by not agreeing to meet this guy for coffee and thank you for cementing that in my self-doubting brain. Loved the blog btw, a good read and your spin on an awful experience is very optimistic. How could Ross call you pessimistic?!?! Hope all is going well.


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2 responses to “Update: Looney Farmer!

  1. KJ

    December 19, 2012 at 5:20 am

    Yes, I too had a dating experience with Ross, and after Googling came to your site. Out and out con man. Misogynist who is obsessed with sex. I would worry for any woman who got involved with him. Highly controlling. I enjoyed reading your blog – thanks for sharing.

    • trailingtrekker

      December 20, 2012 at 6:33 am

      Sorry to hear you hada bad experience too. But kind of funny you were able to find my entry. At least you know he is a little off his rocker!


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