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Farewell Auckland – Days 217 and 218

7th and 8th September 2011

Power Outage

Last night just as we started watching “Invictus”, very appropriate for the Rugby World Cup that is about to start. All things requiring power turned off. At first we thought something had tripped, but it turned out that power was out all over. The thing that got us was just how quiet it was. You think its quiet when you go to bed and switch off the lights. But take away even the humm of electronics and the quiet is deeper. It was actually quiet a pleasant experience. I went to read in bed by torchlight.

All too soon the power was restored and we were all around the little square box watching the rest of the movie. Ahhh well!

Old Friends!

I have been very lucky in meeting up with old friends everywhere I go. Auckland was another of these places. Megan was a friend from primary school and I had not seen her in close to 20yrs. I had seen her briefly when I first arrived but got a chance to see her again for dinner after returning from Tonga. As we wandered around looking for food we immediately picked Nando’s. If you are South African you will understand, and if you are an expat in a country without Nando’s I don’t need to say anymore. It is always great catching up.

Old Friends


So the plan had been to take the overnight bus to Wellington, stay with a mate and her family for 3weeks. Then take the bus back to Taupo and meet Kirsten for a night there. Then return to Auckland for the South Africa vs Samoa game and finally fly to Dunedin. But after meeting the 3 great girls on the Magic Bus tour, plans were in the midst of change.

Intercity Overnight

After saying farewell to Kirsten, Harvey and Rob, I boarded the overnight bus to Wellington. It left around 9pm (I say around because it was 20minutes late) and arrives at 7am. Now normally I would run for the hills if anything longer than a 4hr bus trip was in my future. But after South America, a piddly 10hr trip seems like a walk in the park. Plus I managed to get a whole 2 seats, SWEET AS BRO! So as soon as I was “snuggled” into my seat, I promptly spent the whole trip sleeping…or pretending to so that no one would sit next to me.

Bright and early at 7am we arrived in Wellington and I managed to find my way to the train, buy a ticket and head to my mates house 20min away.

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