Gold Coast – Days 162 to 164

23 Jul

15th July to 17th July 2011

Return to the Gold Coast

Another early morning, up at 6.30am. Had to pick my way through the wreckage of my dorm mates luggage and went to have the free pancake breakfast at the hostel. The weather had taken a definate turn for the worse and it was miserably rainy and cold. A bunch of folks at the hostel were not impressed as they were leaving that morning for a 3 day camping trip on Fraser.

Note to self: What not to say to these guys “the weather was fabulous yesterday!” I just couldn’t resist.

Then met “Sparrow” our driver for the return bus to the Gold Coast. Due to a damaged tire we had to make a side trip and got to spend a glorious morning in the town of Gympie! Gympie used to be the murder capital of Australia… just the place you want to go.

But, considering we were at least an hour behind schedule Sparrow managed to make up time and we arrived spot on in Surfer’s Paradise. Chris came to pick me up and we went to fetch SJ on the way home. Back at home, I made lunch and later dinner. SJ was running around pretending to be a spaceman so I grabbed the aluminum foil and turned him into one.

Spaceman SJ

A Change in the Weather
It appeared as if the crappy weather had followed me, that or Karma for my comment to the campers. We had hoped the weather would be as perfect as it had been for the last 2 weeks so we could spend the day at the beach. Instead it was rainy and cold. Chris and I did the chores, this time I was asked to clean the bathrooms and toilets…

We had thought of going to the movies, the Klopper’s taking SJ to watch Cars2 and me to Harry Potter. I decided to rather save the money and hang out at home and get some stuff done. This was such a good idea that everyone decided to just chill out at home and Coral went with SJ to get a few videos.

I had been requested to make my lemon stuffed chicken again, apparently it was quite a hit. As my flight left quite early and I wanted to try and finish the “Power of One” so I could leave it for Chris, I called it a night.

Finished the book around 11.30pm!!

Sydney Bound!

My flight was leaving at 8.55am, so we were out the door by 7.30am. Would have preferred to go earlier but it all worked out ok. I walked upto the checkin counter and was amazed that there were only 3 people waiting. Then I realised that was the international flights. My flight had a line almost out the door and me only 30min till flight boarding. I asked someone and was directed towards an empty counter, apparently they expect some of us to come right on time. I was offered an aisle seat with more legroom. After a general giggle from both the guy checking me in and myself, as I am the last person needing extra legroom, he clarified that I looked fit enough to help out. I mentioned I was a vet nurse and he asked if I could help fix the Hendra Virus then (the virus spread by bats, infecting horses and then humans). I asked if we expected any horses on board?

The flight went smoothly and I managed to find my way to Bondi Junction where I met Maz. Maz had been a surfer with me back in 2008 and this was the first time we had met up since. Catching the bus to her house we caught up on each others news. Then we went out for brunch and Maz bought me the best breakfast ever. A bacon, chive, potato, cheese omelette with turkish bread and an extra side of bacon. UN BE LIEVE A BLE!!!!!!
The coffee was great too. Then we went with her friends to the little sunday market and I managed to pick up a new hat. I tried to bargain with the guy, who wanted $25.
Me: would you take $18
Guy: NO!
Me: ok here is $25

He was definately NOT the bargaining type and seemed almost insulted. Oh well, can’t blame me for trying.

Saying cheers to her friends we went for a walk down to Bondi Beach. I must admit it is a lot smaller than I expected but still not bad for being in the middle of the city.

Bondi Beach

There was a Christmas in July fest going on with an iceskating ring, free chai, Oktoberfest food and fake christmas trees. The chai was delicious and the atmosphere fantastic.

Christmas in July

We planned to walk up along the headland and over to the next beach, but a huge cloud had other ideas and the heavens opened as we were running back to the chai tent. We then decided to head home and Maz made us pizza for dinner. Tomorrow its all about exploring the Sydney Harbour.

Maz and me

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