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Gold Coast – Days 156 to 159

9 July to 12 July 2011

Back With Friends
As it was Saturday it was also chore day and I soon had the duster and polish thrust in my hand for morning duties. After that we had planned to go to the markets and then the beach, but stopped off at the Harbour Town outlet malls to pick up Chris’s new glasses. We never left!

We decided to just stay and look for a few things while we were there. After the horrors of the previous week in searching for a bikini, I was a little apprehensive, but dove in regardless. I headed to the speedo store and this time let the attendant help me out. She suggested about 5 different styles and if you would believe it, the very first one worked and, if I must say, looked rather nice (as long as I didn’t stand sideways and kept my posture that is). I couldn’t believe that, compared to how mentally stressful the search had been the week before this week had been a breeze and almost ego boosting…almost. Plus for a speedo it only cost $40, so I think I did pretty well all around.

We stopped into a few more stores and picked up a couple of things then went back to the shoe store to see if the boots were still there. They were and they looked great, so I decided to splurge a bit and spent $45 on knee high lace up boots (well it is cold in NZ and I need some closed shoes, right?).

Heading out we went to the promised “surprise” for Stefan John, McDonald’s. Mainly because they have a great playground. They also have rather half decent coffee these days with an actual coffee bar. Not sure if they have that in the States as I hadn’t stepped into a McD’s for years until arriving here. McD’s also has free wifi, so have had a number of coffees (which are the same price as an actual coffee shop), in the past few months of travel.

Back home I made cookies with Stefan John, or rather he was chief cookie dough taster and continually “encouraged” me to finish up. A pretty good day in the end and except for the fact that the shoe shop only gave me one lace, I am thrilled with my purchases.

Return to Currumbin
Sunday morning we missed chores and headed out early to the Carara Markets, a fantastic weekend market with lots to see and do. Then we headed towards Currumbin for a family day at the sanctuary. I was a little nervous as due to certain unexpected happenings I would be unable to complete the 2nd week of volunteering.

My fabulous friend Joel, who I had met in Hawaii 4 yrs ago and not seen since, had called to say that, as a driver for OZ Experience, he could get me a free ride to Rainbow Bay when he passed the Gold Coast on Wednesday and a free ride back down on Friday with another driver. That way I could get a tour to Fraser Island, apparently one of the MUST SEE’s in Australia. This meant that my 2nd week at Currumbin was essentially null and void. I felt really bad and brought cookies with me as an apology. We rode the little train from the entrance of the park to the hospital section and while the family watched a turtle surgery, I popped in to make my apologies. My first head nurse, Tash, was there and when I explained the situation she was all for me taking the trip to Fraser and completely understood, I dare say she was almost excited as it meant I had brought cookies. I said my farewells to the nurses I knew and headed out. I must say I learnt so much in the that week, and while I had been nervous at the fact that I had not nursed in over 6mths, surprised and happy at how naturally it all came back to me. Maybe I do I have a calling after all.

A special thanks to Deb for accepting me, to Tash, Shelly, Pat and Jess for showing me the ropes. To Erina, vet, for being patient with my questions. And to all the volunteers for doing such a great job, especially Colette and Hamish (my co-volunteers), it was great working with all of you.

For the rest of the day we wandered around the sanctuary, it is an absolutely stunning place and completely built in and around the trees. Much better than a lot of zoos I have seen. It also concerns itself solely with native wildlife. We checked out what has to be the biggest bloody saltwater crocodile I have seen, he could swallow me and a few others whole at the same time. His name is Holey, I am sure because when he was first seen someone said “Holey Sh%#”. To get an idea of his true length, he weighs over 1000kg, check out this link:

Holey! This does not do him justice!

After Holey, we walked through the free range kangaroo exhibit. SJ and I even got to feed them. Too cool for words! Unfortunately they were so over fed, they pretty much seemed bored.

Me and SJ feeding Kangaroo

The Alpha Male

After some play time at the playground for SJ to work off some steam, and a couple of photos on the fake giant crocodile, we headed home to have lunch and nap time. That evening I made pasta for dinner.

Nothing much happened on Monday, Coral was working from home so I sat and caught up on some blog entries, photo and video uploads and made the tea for us sporadically. Am drinking so much tea staying here that I am peeing like a racehorse… That night I made a dinner of lemon stuffed roast chicken, roast pumpkin and potatoes and baked zucchini. It was very well received and I have a feeling I will be cooking that sometime in the next week again.

Tuesday I had the day to myself in the house, and just worked on reading, packing for Rainbow Bay and blogs. It was fantastic. For dinner I made fish and chips.

Altogether a great few days, but tomorrow its time for a short trip on the road again!!! WOOHOO!!!

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