Gold Coast – Day 173 to 176

10 Jul

30th June to 3rd July 2011

The Glorious Gold Coast

Chris met me at the airport with his 3yr old Stefan John. Chris is a friend from South African days, and it has been over 17yrs since we had last seen each. Chris used to house sit for us and worked in cub scouts with my mom. It was fantastic for him and his family to open their home to me and essentially make me part of the family…chores and all!

With not having sleep for over 24hrs I was fairly bushed, but due to prior engagements Chris was unable to drop me at home and so I just followed him around like a zombie. We dropped off Stefan John at kindie and then headed to the university where Chris is a prof. After sleep reading through one of his meetings, skyping the folks to let them know I was there, we finally headed home in time for lunch.

I spent the afternoon taking a nap and doing all my laundry, leaving me a pair of leggings, a shirt and a dress to wear until everything was dry. That evening we went to friends, also from South Africa, for pumpkin soup. Then a good nights sleep!

Friday we dropped SJ off at kindie and then both spent the day working from home. That night I made dinner and met Coral, Chris’ wife, when she got home from a business trip. In the morning Chris and I took Sadie, the golden retriever, for a run on the beach.

Mt. Tambourine
After chores, mine was dust and polish, we headed up to Mt. Tambourine for the day. About 40min drive from the Gold Coast, the mountain affords stunning views of the city and a wonderful little town with lots of goodies to eat.

my yard of licorice

After wandering around all the quaint shops we headed to the botanical gardens for a lunch of cheese rolls and chips. There were tons of birds in the gardens and the most beautiful were the kookaburras.

The weather had been stunning all morning, a very unusual thing, and just as we were thinking of packing up the huge grey clouds rolled in, perfect timing.

Sunday we went to the Harbour Town outlet stores to hunt me down a new bikini. After about 5 stores I was ready to pull my hair out and when a clerk asked how I was doing I replied “I want to blow my brains out”, she seemed a little startled by that statement and made a hurried exit. Why does shopping for things like swimsuits, and jeans for that matter, have to be so stressful. We decided to return the following week with just Coral and I hunting one down instead of the whole family. Apparently bikini shopping is not a top “to do” item on SJ’s list and he got increasingly frustrated as the morning progressed.

That afternoon we completed a few more chores, today I was the window washer. Just like being at home and part of the family.

Tomorrow, Monday, I start at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary’s Hospital. Am looking forward to it but am a bit nervous at the same time, its been 7mths since I did any vet nursing.

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