Flying over the Pacific – Day 105-108

23 May

April 28th to April 30th

LA to Fiji, leg 1
My Air Pacific flight left at 11.30pm and would fly for 10hours and 40 minutes into Fiji. I then had a 4hr layover and a further 4hour and 40minute flight before I arrived… 2 days later. Since I was leaving on the 28th of April it meant that I would also miss the Royal Wedding as I flew somewhere over the Pacifc. Got to love the international date line.

I have never been able to sleep on airplanes/buses/trains or any other form of transport where you have to sit up. If I have 2 -3 seats and I can literally stretch out then there is no worries and I can usually get in enough twenty winks to be somewhat with it for the rest of the trip. As it turned out karma was against me and the flight was not only chock-a-block full but also had the token screaming baby… make that 3. I managed to watch a couple of movies but as the screens were micro sized and at a weird angle it wasn’t as enjoyable as it usually is. At one point my neighbor offered to let me try sleep in the 2 rows between him and another passenger. I managed to squeeze in and was just about to nod off when I felt a glare turned on me, turned out the other passenger had just decided she wanted those seats. So I apologised and moved back to mine, where I stared into nothingness, or rather fidgeted and sighed, for the next 5hrs.

Fiji For 4hrs
Arriving in Fiji we were greeted by a blast of hot humid air and a local band of large Fijian men wearing sarongs, playing ukeleles and with flowers in their hair. Definately made me want to stay in Fiji and explore a bit more.

For the next 4hrs I wondered around the airport and tried napping on some very hard chairs. Eventually I made a few bracelets and then finally it was boarding time. I had the exact same seat as the previous flight and I just hoped that it would give me a couple of empties to try sleep…how wrong I was!

Fiji to Sydney, leg 2
I boarded the flight and with 2 empty seats my hope started to rise, only to be dashed to smithereens as first an Aussie lady and then and Indian fella sat down next to me. Add to that the baby with an ear infection one row over and 3 more scattered through out the plane and the fact that I got to hear the entire life story of the Indian fella this was going to be a very long 4hr flight. The final straw was when our row was the only row that had a defective entertainment system. I finally gave up on sleeping and just turned to our wonderful flight attendant and coffee, much to his amusement. Then I started working on a few bracelets. I even had a Fijian guy ask to buy one, but as he had only large bills and I had no change I just gave it to him. It also means I have a contact in Fiji if I ever get there. He also introduced me to another passenger who happened to be from Tonga, so now I have a contact there too, sweet!!!!

The most amusing thing was the condensation leak from the overhead bins in the aisle next to me, led to numerous giggles as we all tried to figure out a way to prevent drippage on people.

Finally the flight landed in Sydney and I wandered through immigration, then customs line one, then stood in customs line 2 for 20minutes only to be waved through at the end… but by that point I didn’t know if I was coming or going anyway and was just happy that I was still standing upright, but I could tell that ability was rapidly coming to an end!

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