Cusco Day 12 – Canadian ‘ey…

30 Jan

Jan 17th 2011

The plan for the day was blog and diary catch up, perhaps a nap or 3 and nothing much else. As it turned out I had to move from the dorm room to a double room and my new bunk mate was a Canadian guy.

Blah blah blah…
Usually this wouldn’t be an issue, but after hearing how much partied, how much time he has spent hung over, how this hostel wasn’t a party hostel, how he could get a private room with bathroom for the same amount, how he owned his own landscaping business but still had to do a lot of the manual labor as he was the biggest guy… blah blah blah

Do you smoke weed?
After bothering me all day as much as I tried to avoid him, or tell him I was busy with my blog etc., hints didn’t work and I was on the verge of telling him to “bugger off”.
He then tried to convince to go party.
“No thanks”.
What about a beer.
“No thanks”.
Do you smoke weed?
Thats a bummer because I was going to ask you to go halves on it. How about a rum and coke.
“In a little bit maybe I am busy”.
Finally out of desperation that he might leave me alone, I agreed to a rum and coke and a game of jenga.

I eventually managed to leave his illustrious company and head to bed, avoiding his attempts to make me watch a movie. He had warned me he snored but he hadn’t warned me he snored like a BEAR with a severe sinus infection!!! Luckily he only snored a couple of times but I still spent a fair amount of time yelling at him to “ROLL OVER”. Apparently the technique my mum taught me for my dad works on annoying Canadians too.

Don’t get me wrong on this, I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt but after a few hours of hearing about his drinking conquests I thought I was going to throw myself out the window.

In the coming entry you will hear of my adventure as I head to the town at the base of the awe inspiring Machu Picchu.

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