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Lima day 2 – New friends, new locations and a whole lot of heart…

Jan 7 2011
This morning turned out to be a great day to relax. Fernando had to go out the whole morning to do errands for a new business venture and I spent the morning recovering, catching up on my diary and reading.

Later we went over to his parents where his mom fed us an amazing traditional meal of quinoa with beef, rice and boiled potatoes. delicious. I was also able to call the folks and check email. We also discussed possible trip plans and emailed some hostels. sent me a proposal for link exchanges that should help me pay for a hostel night here and there.

After a quick change we headed to the district of Miraflores, the trendy area of Lima, to meet up with some friends. We met Danny, a masters student, at his place and hung out discussing his recent trip into the jungle and looking at photos of Machu Picchu. Fernando and Danny enjoyed, how should we say, a relaxing smoke, and around 10pm we headed out to meet Katia (Danny’s girlfriend). All 3 of them are biologists and met in school, its great discussing with them my upcoming venture in the Ecuadorian, its not so great realizing I might not be as ready as I thought I was. Oh well…
Katia now designs her own jewellery and some of it was worn by a Peruvian actress at the oscars. She also owns her own store that sells hand made items by trendy designers.

After meeting up we headed to the night scene area of Barranco and a famous restaurant for dinner. There was a line of close to 20 people waiting to get in, but the place has 3 levels and the line moves relatively quickly. Danny and Katia waiting in line and Fernando and I headed to explore some of the area (its great having a private tour guide). We came across this guy doing the most insane artwork (I will post a series of photos at the end of this entry for you to see). He uses spray paint and fire (call me crazy but I seem to remember mum telling me not to mix the two) and local household shapes like plates and lids, to create surreal landscapes, incredible.

All too soon it was time for dinner. The 3 of them ordered all in Spanish and I just sat there smiling like an idiot awaiting my fate. When it arrived it smelled delicious, braai’d/bbq’d kebabs sort of thing. With big pieces of potato and corn on the cob (not the american sweet corn but real maze, or mielies in South Africa). When I asked for a run down of what I was about to consume, Katia’s response was “don’t worry just eat it, it will be fine!” Well with that kind of reassurance what could I do but dig in. As I ate something in the back of my mind was telling me I knew what this was. Almost at the same I pointed to the one plate of little pieces of delicacies and looked at Danny, we both said intestines. Then I looked at the kebab on my plate, beef heart, and the one on Katia’s plate, chicken heart. Mmmmmm….. well it tastes good! I had a couple more pieces but soon found the potato was delicious and focused on that.

Along with now being full of heart I also had my first run in with Inka Kola, a glow in the dark yellow substance that has a similar taste to mountain dew but not quite. Rather yummy all around.
The finale was my favorite, a kind of fried donut type thing (close to vetkoek in South Africa) dribbled with a syrup made from sugar cane, A MA ZING!!!

But they were not done yet. There were still new and exciting things to introduce me too and this lot were on a mission. The next stop was a local hang out, more like a hole in the wall. Some older locals had broken out guitars and were crooning out Peruvian songs and adding a fantastic atmosphere. Apparently before the owner died recently, he would sit in the bar every night and fall asleep in the corner even with all the noise of the bar. He died at about 95!

The boys ordered us a Chilcano de Pisco, which is the local liquor Pisco mixed with ginger ale. WOW! Goes down smooth but hits you hard! I couldn’t finish mine, but Fernando was happy to oblige. He also ordered a shot of Pisco so I could try is straight, if I had to compare its almost like a very fine tequila. Nice flavor, doesn’t burn but you feel the subtle warmth about 5 seconds after intake.

Hopping in a taxi we headed back to Danny’s, that turned out to be Katia and his workshop not apartment. While the boys indulged in another relaxing smoke, Katia showed me all her stunning jewellery. I definately want to buy some. Then it was time to hop in a cab and head home, and wouldn’t you have guessed it was 2am.

After I quick shower I headed to bed and the sounds of Fernando playing warcraft. I think he finally made it to bed around 4.30am.

Another great day, with great people and interesting experiences.

Below is the progression of the amazing artwork in the park:

Stay tuned for further adventures as we attempt to sort out my tickets, buy a phone and the folks take me for a spin around the neighborhood.

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