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Exploring the Mission, riding the TSA carnival and twiddling thumbs

Day 2 (San Fran)
There wasn´t much movement in the Shorr house until about 1pm and I was perfectly ok with that. Knowing that you a full day of travel starting at midnight definately encourages the part of the brain that wants to do as little as humanly possible.
However lunch was required so after throwing in some laundry, we dragged ourselves outside to a local chinese-japanese restuarant. After much humming and hahing we settled for some sushi for Rach and some egg fried rice, sesame fried chicken and fried eggroll for me… so bad but soooo good!
After all that calorie intake, at least on my part, it was decided that a short walk was in order down through the Mission District. After walking for a couple of hours, exploring a couple of stores we stopped and had some delicious coffee at a trendy little spot called Ritual Coffee Roaster on 21st and Valencia.
Heading back we realised our short walk had morphed into around 3miles, well I guess thats the eggroll worked off.

Back at the house I had another shower, hand washed a shirt and tossed it in the dryer. Then got all my shite together and started the waiting game. I can honestly say the worst part of traveling for me is waiting. Waiting to go to the airport, waiting for the flight, waiting to land… and by 8pm my nerves were getting the better of me, that or the food had given me indigestion. Rach eventually suggested we just head to the airport as I was starting to make her quite ancy. This sounded perfectly fine with me, if I have to wait I would rather wait at the airport where I can wonder round and distract myself.

At the airport I was one of the first in line at Taca airlines and soon had a spot for check in. Unfortunately it also happened to be the one counter that experienced technical difficulties when it tried to print my baggage tag, go figure. After about 30min of arguing with the machine and getting a few others to help they finally got the tag printed on another machine. Then it was off to security.

Back at the Eugene airport we still only have a metal detector and so I was quite excited to be in line for the new carnival ride, the imaging thingy-me-bob.
How to proceed:
– remove bag place in bin along with hand bag and laptop out of case
– remove shoes place in bin
– remove coat, jacket and vest place in bin
– remove money belt, money neck pouch and bracelet place in bin
– hope you have removed all neccesary items
– step into ride and place hands above head
– be amused by the MRI type thing swing around you and joke with the TSA guys
– walk over to little yellow spots and wait for thumbs up
(note you do not need to have your hands up still, as I realised 5minutes into a conversation with the TSA lady about the cuteness of my penguin socks – she never told me to put them down).
– get thumbs up and proceed to replace all items in the opposit order
(supress urge to ask for printout of photo like they have at splash mountain… really felt like I deserved one)

I was quite famished after that exciting adventure and after I wolfed down a delicious chicken panini I worked on calling as many mates as possible to use up the 3000 minutes I had left from rollover…. turns out most people didn´t answer and here I thought you would all be waiting with baited breath at the phone.
Wandering around the stores I found an international cell phone that promised to solve all my travel communication woes for $60.
Decided I was now old enough that buying one of the neck pillows would not be pretentious and stupid… and the soft fleecy cover had nothing to do with it.

With barely 2hrs to go till boarding I found my gate and sat down to call some more friends and play with my new toy. However soon I realised I was not smarter than the phone and so took it back to get help. As it turns out, much to the dismay of the salesman, the international phone works for Australia and New Zealand and no where else… call me crazy but that would make it not exactly international per say. Luckily I was able to return it.

Heading back to the gate I sat and called Janys, aka Smurphy. During our conversation I realised I didn´t have my cell charger anywhere… this night just gets better. I realised I must have left it at the drinking fountain but it wasn´t there and the store clerk next door had not had anyone drop it off. Then I remembered it was in a bag from the tech shop so headed that way. I had barely walked through the door when the clerk grabbed it and handed it over, thank heavens for honest people. He was rather bemused to see me again, and I am just going to take it as a compliment that he knew I was the one who had lost it.
Well at least I managed to make the last 20minute wait exciting. Shortly thereafter the clock struck midnight and we were boarding a plane for South America.

Stay tuned for day 3 with long layovers and waiting for pick up…

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