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So on my last evening all I can think about is maximizing and enjoying my nigh’ts rest in my fantastically comfy bed with my favorite pillow. I spent most of the day dreaming about it, this would be the last night for almost a year that I will be enjoying my bed!

Around 10pm I head to my room and …… is that cat pee I smell???? I call my mum in and we begin to sniff. You know you have cats when you start sniffing for the origin of strange aromas. As I lean over to smell my pillow I place my hand in the center of the bed….. and into a large wet spot.

The only culprit out of four cats is our male black cat named PK. He thinks he is human and tends to do things to irritate us as much as possible. Considering the pee had soaked through the thick blanket…. through the comforter…. through the mattress pad and into the mattress…. I am fairly certain this was a pre-meditated pee’ing crime. He must have drunk about a gallon or 3 of water to be able to produce this much liquid.

So there went my dreams of my comfy bed (I knew I should have slept longer the night before) and the constructing of a bed out of chair cushions in the lounge. Luckily they make a fairly comfy bed and he had been kind enough not to pee on my pillows. He was also considerate enough to grace me with his presence through out the night in the most uncomfortable position for me as possible.

Possible reason:
We did not realise he wanted to go out soon enough
He just couldn’t hold it
He is annoyed at the change in feeding schedule
He knows I am leaving and is making me suffer (I am leaning towards this one)

Lets look at the bright side:
Friends are arriving in a few days and we needed to clean the bedding anyway
I got to be woken up bright and early by the other 3 cats
Smokey got to play with the door handle all night trying to get into my room
He is helping me get into the travel mindset sooner rather than later

Origin of his name:
When we adopted him he was named Pistol Kitten, hence PK. But if anyone has read “The Power Of One” you will know that the main character was given the name PK, meaning ‘pisskop (pee head)’, after some boys in the boarding school pee’d on him in the shower…… I am officially changing PK’s meaning from Pistol Kitten to Pisskop, as he seems to prefer to live up to that version.

He almost looks cute but beware his devious mind is plotting

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A Recipe for packing!

1 – Make a list

2 – Lay all potential gear out on bed and let sit….until you need to go to bed

3 – Gently fold all gear together and move to bench…. let sit for at least a week or more

4 – Begin decoration of bag… good for identification and it looks neat

5 – Enlist help of a wonderful, patient mother to begin pre-flight check and 1st packing attempt

6 – Attempt the rolling technique

7 – Then attempt the fold and roll combination

8 – Close

9 – and Ta Da!

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