2010 Christmas Letter

17 Dec

Greetings and Salutations one and all

Ok a rather ostentatious start to a letter but I thought what the heck!

So this here is the sum up letter of my life the past year. It started with me returning to the folks in Eugene, Oregon, who welcomed me with open arms and a list of chores. After 3 years in Seattle jumping between jobs in an uncertain market and spending most of 2009 on unemployment and working 4 part time jobs, I finally threw in the towel and boomeranged back to the nest.

Luckily I quickly landed a job with a local vet clinic in early February. On day one they put a syringe in my hand and said “blood draw from the neck”. Soon I joined the other ranks of vampires at the clinic and became quite adept at blood draws, catheter placement and even had the supreme joy of extracting fecal material straight from the source. The first 4 months were amazing and I even found myself considering an apartment or even buying a condo (much to the joy of certain parental units).

I took a break for a week in April to visit a friend in Denver, who gave me an excellent tour and even showed me the town of South Park (it does exist!). Then onto London, Canada where another good mate and I headed to Toronto and Niagara falls for a fantastic girls weekend.

Over a weekend in May I renewed my Wilderness Advanced First Aid in Corvallis, Oregon. There I was told about a local Eugene group called Harmony Event Medicine. Over the summer I was able to manipulate the work schedule with the outside concerts and had a chance to enjoy Willie Nelson, HART and Ringo Starr among others while tending to the medical needs of concert goers.

During month 5 and 6 management changes and a newer more unpredictable schedule began and my joy soon began to turn to frustration. Compound these frustrations with a constant source of candy and snacks and you can see all the good intentions of diet and exercise being left far behind.

On the up side my dreams of extended travel and volunteering soon seemed to be an excellent idea. My mom came across an article in the local newspaper about volunteer travel and mentioned a wildlife refuge in Ecuador that offered a 2month volunteer stint for a minimal sum of $125/mth including food and accommodation. Within just a few weeks my month long trip to Peru was extended to 3 and a half months with 2months in Ecuador. Just recently I came across a NZ based group who runs veterinary trips to the South Pacific Islands and I am now in the process of confirming 1month in Tonga.

So here I am in the month of December, vaccinated up the wazoo, half a pharmacy in travel size, sorting, packing, unpacking, repacking and hoping my basic Spanish class will see me through over 3months in South America. D-Day is Jan 3rd to San Fran and then 12.17am on Jan 5th I fly out to Lima and the start of a year or more of travel, adventure and volunteer opportunities. Wish me luck and consider meeting me on the road, if you can’t join on the road then join my adventures through my blog:

At present the route is as follows:
Peru (3wks) – Ecuador (volunteer 2mths) – return to Peru (2wks) – San Fran (1wk) – LA (3days) – Aus (3mths) – NZ (10days) – Tonga (volunteer 1mth) – NZ (2-3 mths) – who knows…

Merry Xmas to all and to all a goodnight!!

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