Eat Pray Love Travel….

10 Sep

For the first time in 33yrs I wanted to go see a movie alone. This was a huge realization for me as every other time I even contemplated it I felt lonely and rather pathetic. But with my upcoming trip around the world the Julia Roberts movie, “Eat Pray Love”, seemed like the perfect one to start with.

I was given the book by a friend for my birthday and loved it from the start, I was half way through Italy when I went to see the movie. I must admit I preferred the book for Italy, the movie for India and its a tie on Bali.

I managed to get a 2 seat buffer between me and other movie goers and for most of the movie I found myself wondering how many of these folks who seemed to be acting like the could relate had ever been out of the state. Hopefully the movie will inspire a few of them to get out and live a little.

While the author of the book may have focused on herself and finding the meaning of God and life and where she fit in, I prefer to look at it this way, so many of us end up spending our whole lives trying to live the way we think society wants us to live. Get a job, a house, a spouse, kids blah blah blah… There is so much life and culture outside and all it takes is getting out there and exploring. Taking that first step and not being afraid, or rather being terrified but doing it anyway.

I might be diving head first into a piranha infested river as far easing back into travel by starting with a non English speaking continent and rustic living on the banks of the Amazon.

But then again…. why the hell not! You never know what view you might miss if you don’t…

A room with a view

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