Seriously Seeking Sponsors

13 Aug

I have never been afraid to seek sponsors or raise money for an organisation or worthy cause. However, when it comes to asking for money for something like my trip, it just seems wrong. “This is my crazy plan and I should pay for it” is what the one side of brain says. “But you are volunteering and helping so getting a sponsor or 5 would be a great idea” is what the other side of my brain says.

So while continually saving and scrimping, I decided to also attempt to look for sponsors. My first try was REI. Not only do I love their gear but I figured their approach to environmental education and the such might make my trip a shoo in. And the result is…..No! But we do have a sale coming up.

Well thanks for nothing, although I am going to go check out the sale, need new Keen sandals.

Just as one door closes another one opens, or so the saying goes. In my preparations I have begun to get my vaccines, which I was fairly certain would not be covered in any way shape or form by health insurance. ‘ Cause we all know how good it is in the USA. But surprise surprise apparently the one I have through work is one of the good ones. Not only will they cover the Hep A and B combo they will also cover my Rabies. Rabies alone is over $750 and the HepA/B comes to around $520.

And just as well, as it sounds like vampire bats near Lima are spreading rabies all over that part of the world.


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2 responses to “Seriously Seeking Sponsors

  1. Kirsten

    August 17, 2010 at 7:34 am

    Heeeey! great looking page! Boo to REI not sponsoring you but I will! You’ll be doing some great work and lordy knows after that long without a cold glass of milk (as all good girls drink before going to bed) I’ll be happy to. You were one of the first people to sponsor me on my Haiti ‘trip’ I’d love to return the kindness. Best of luck with this xxxxxxx

    • trailingtrekker

      August 19, 2010 at 5:03 am

      Hey!! Your sponsorship as far as crash space when I get to your part of the hemisphere will be more than enough, its your encouragement that is helping me to do this!!


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